Kindle Voyage 3G – A Brief Review

The Kindle Voyage 3G was a kind of compelled purchase for me. My old Kindle 3G with keyboard was still working fine but the battery wasn’t doing great – lasting only a couple of days rather than two weeks. Here’s photo of the new Kindle Voyage from a recent flight I took up to Bangkok.

KindleVoyage (1)

Ok, I was reading Goldfinger, again.


The best things about the Kindle Voyage are its slim, light design and the built in reading light. Navigation with the touch screen isn’t as good as with the old non-touch version but maybe that’s just me. The battery lasts about a week of heavy use and all in all I’m pretty happy. At GBP229 I guess you could say it’s expensive but as my constant companion it seems pretty good value to me. Lastly, I bought a conventional book style leather cover from a third-party rather than pay the absurd 50 quid for the Amazon ‘Origami’ cover. It cost a tenner and has a really nice feel so very happy!




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