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I currently work for vaping industry leader Fontem Ventures BV in Amsterdam as Senior Communications Manager, helping Fontem with internal, external communications and advocacy. I worked in executive communications and social media for Lenovo until January 2016. Formerly a copywriter, financial journalist at Dow Jones, equity research bore, semiconductor marketer, TEFL teacher, travel industry logistics guy, ski guide, barman and onion peeler.

I like eating, drinking, and reading alot. I also ski when I can, watch rugby league, and play association football to stop getting fat. Living in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Previously lived in Singapore, Taiwan, France and the UK.

All views on Campbellsphere (apart from comments) are my own.

Follow me on twitter @jimcam73, Instagram @jamesacampbell, or email me on jamesacampbell@gmail.com

March 2015

March 2015

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